2017 Henning von Allwörden




@ Erik van ’t Hullenaar


On Thursday April 26th the Professor Jan Trooster prize of the Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science has been awarded for the 36th time.  Henning von Allwörden, instrument engineer at the Scanning Probe Microscopy department of the Institute for Molecules and Materials, will be honored for the development of a unique scanning tunneling microscopy which can operate at extremely low temperature (30mK) in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and high magnetic field (9 Tesla. This microscope, situated in the newly built STILL lab, sets a new state of the art in magnetic imaging, worldwide. The development, construction, and realization of this system is an achievement mainly due to Henning’s hard work. Together with the TechnoCenter, he designed and assembled the home-built microscope himself, adapted the cryogenic setup for measurements, and established the UHV chamber system in which researchers can prepare their own materials with the highest purity as well as cold-deposit single atoms on top surfaces. With his microscope, Henning quickly was able to reproduce the state of the art in STM imaging, and then set new records, resulting in a publication in the Review of Scientific Instruments. This outstanding level of technical as well as scientific achievement goes above and beyond the usual duties for someone in his position. All the while, Henning still made time to help out PhD students and postdocs on other systems to troubleshoot and fix emerging issues and to improve their system performance. Among others, he helped supervise a senior postdoc to benchmark our 1K system in early 2017, which is now performing new cutting-edge experiments.

@ Andreas Eich – de familie Trooster bezoekt het SPM lab